Oyá Healing Arts

Libertion through individual and collective healing!


The Healer

As early as I can remember I have had the power of healing.  Whether it was a kind word or a listening ear it was an innate gift.  In my early life I thought this gift meant that I had to save the world and I launch headlong into a career as an activist.  I would soon realize that the first step in social justice is personal liberation.

My journey to liberation began with my work with Be Present inc.. It became clear in that process that my purpose was to bring light and joy, art and expression into the world and through this, illicit personal empowerment in others and create a movement were self-love is a revolutionary act.  After three years of study at CIIS in the area of expressive arts therapy I stepped into the world of Generative Somatics where I was taught to listen to the language of the body.  This skill continues to to be a beacon for me in my own process. 

I currently am building a private practice in the area of healing and transformation.

To set up an appointment or if you have any questions

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